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Mobile certificate always provides a reliable way of identifying yourself and logging in

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Operated through your phone, Mobile certificate is a Finnish identification and login method. It has been one of the most popular digital identification methods in Finland for years now. Mobile certificate grants you access to almost every digital service in Finland.

What does identification mean?

Mobile certificate acts as a strong identification method for digital services that meets the legal requirements. In other words, Mobile certificate functions as a digital ID card. By using Mobile certificate, you can log in to different online services, including the Tax administration, Kela, MyKanta, insurance companies’ client portals, and public administration services. You can also use Mobile certificate to log in to online stores and to sign contracts.

Mobile certificate keeps your information secure

  • Meets the legal requirements regarding strong identification.
  • Information security has been verified by outside experts
  • An identification method approved by the Finnish authorities.
  • Adhering to the principles of Privacy by Design, information security has been taken into consideration in every step of the way in the development and implementation of Mobile certificate.
  • Based on two-factor authentication by the user’s PIN code and phone’s SIM card.

Mobile certificate is a service offered by DNA, Elisa, and Telia.
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