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Provide your customers with an easy and secure way of running errands digitally

Easy and secure identity verification for your customers

Your mobile network operator provides your business with versatile digital services for identifying your customers and/or identification methods for corporate connection.

Contact your mobile network operator.

The service does not transfer its customers’ usernames or passwords, decreasing the security risk for your business. User- and service-specific identifiers appear on the registry data.

The service is based on Privacy by Design principle, meaning that information security has been considered from the perspective of both businesses and their customers.

Identify all your customers with just one contract and connection interface.

Frequently asked questions on Mobile certificate

How do I gain access to the service?

As a business customer, you can adopt the service from your mobile network operator. The service is available for all mobile connections. Contact your mobile network operator for more information!

How is the data processed? Does my mobile network operator transfer my data to third parties?

The service is a subject to communications confidentiality. User data is not sold to third parties nor is it being used for operators’ marketing purposes.

Does the service’s information security have high standards from a technical perspective? 

Yes, it does. The service has been designed from the ground up by taking information security into consideration. Moreover, Mobile certificate’s overall architecture has been audited by external information security specialists.  

Mobile certificate is a service offered by DNA, Elisa, and Telia.
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